Ruth Paine Home

  • Address: 2515 W 5th St
  • Vicinity: W of Story Rd
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  • Sight Category: Museums

The Ruth Paine Home is a house museum in Irving, Texas. The Mid-Century residence is notable as the location where Lee Harvey Oswald spent the night before he assassinated United States President John F Kennedy. - AsNotedIn

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Ruth Paine Home


Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1952/02/17 Things are popping so fast that you don't hear of some new developments until the houses are already going up. - C B Hardee in the Dallas Morning News. C B Hardee was mayor of Irving, Texas, from 1951 to 1957.
1956/03/02 Louis O Blaylock, acting as an officer of the Roberts Building Company, sells Lot 8, Block B of the second installment of the Western Hills No 8 addition to homebuilder C B Hardee.
1956/03/20 Contractor and home builder, C B Hardee, sells a home to Joyce and Jimmie P Bratcher. C B Hardee may have begun building the residence before he actually owned the lot as evident by the short time duration between his purchase and sale.
1959/00/00 Ruth Hyde Paine Home Michael and Ruth Paine move to Texas from Pennsylvania, first renting an apartment and then the house at 2515 West 5th Street.
1960/05/30 Michael Ralph Paine Home Donald M and Barbara J Campbell, who bought the house from Joyce and Jimmie Bratcher in July 1958, sell the house to Michael R Paine, the husband of Ruth Paine.
1962/09/00 Michael Ralph Paine Life Michael and Ruth Paine separate. Michael Paine moves into an apartment, but the two continue to attend social events together.
1963/04/24 Marina Oswald Porter Home Marina Oswald and her infant daughter, June Lee, live with Ruth Paine at West 5th Street. Mrs Paine felt that the Oswalds had a difficult marriage and wanted to provide support for Marina, who had one child and was expecting another.
1963/05/09 Marina Oswald Porter Home Marina Oswald and her baby depart the Paine house to join her husband Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans. Concerned that Lee will take the family to Russia, Ruth Paine again offers Marina her home.
1963/09/00 Ruth Hyde Paine Life In late September, Ruth Paine visits the Oswalds in New Orleans and brings Marina and June back to Texas to live with her while Lee goes to Mexico. The Oswald's store belongings in the Paine's garage. One of the items is a rifle, wrapped in a blanket.
1963/11/01 Ruth Hyde Paine Home FBI agent James Hosty interviews Marina Oswald and Ruth Paine at the house on West 5th Street, November 1 and 5, 1963, asking about Lee Harvey Oswald's involvement with the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.
1963/11/05 Marina Oswald Porter Witness James Hosty of the FBI interviews Marina Oswald at the Paine house about Lee Harvey Oswald's association with the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, November 1 and 5, 1963.
1963/11/09 Lee Harvey Oswald Life Useing a typewriter at Ruth Paine's house, Lee Harvey Oswald writes a letter to the Soviet Embassy detailing the FBI visits.
1963/11/09 Ruth Hyde Paine Life Ruth Paine sees a handwritten draft of Lee H Oswald's letter to the Soviet Embassy detailing the FBI's visits to her home. Thinking that Lee Harvey Oswald had misstated some facts, Ruth Paine makes a handwritten copy of the letter.
1963/11/21 Lee Harvey Oswald Home On Thursday evening, Buell Wesley Frazier gives co-worker Lee Harvey Oswald a ride to the Paine's house in Irving where his wife and children are staying.
1963/11/22 Michael Ralph Paine Witness Informed by police that the Feds where searching on W 5th Street, Allan Grant and Tommy Thompson find Michael Paine taking groceries out of the trunk of his car. "Well, we wondered when the press would find us. You might as well come inside." - MP
1963/11/22 Lee Harvey Oswald Assassin Lee H Oswald departs the Paine house with a long, package - his Mannlicher Carcano rifle which he had stored in the garage. The gun was wrapped in a home-made brown bag made from paper and tape from the Texas School Book Depository. Assassination of John F Kennedy
1963/11/23 Allan Grant photographs Ruth Paine and the Oswalds. "Marguerite Oswald alternately loving and abusive to her young daughter-in-law, caressing her one minute and calling her a whore who was responsible for the trouble Lee Harvey was in." - AG
1964/00/00 Photographs of the Paine House are entered as evidence in the assassination investigation, and will be published as exhibits 429 through 440 in the Warren Commission's final report.
1966/00/00 Michael Ralph Paine Owner Ruth Paine occupies her house W 5th Street until 1966, the same year Michael Paine sells the house to Jake Miller Jr.
2009/09/25 Ruth Hyde Paine Life The City of Irving buys the Paine House. They will restore the residence to its 1963 appearance with the assistance of Ruth Paine.
2013/11/22 The City of Irving opens the Ruth Paine Home museum.

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