Dozinghem Military Cemetery

  • Historically Known As: 47 Casualty Clearing Station

  • Address: 8640 Leeuwerikstraat
  • Vicinity: NW of Poperinge
  • Type: Cemetery
  • Travel Genus: Sight
  • Sight Category: Site

Dozinghem Military Cemetery is a Commonwealth burial ground located northwest of Poperinge near Krombeke, Belgium. The World War I era graveyard contains 3,174 Commonwealth and 65 German burials of the First World War and 73 Second World War graves. - AsNotedIn

Brewer, Cushing and I were in consultation, the splendid Durrach in charge. The long marquee tent was quiet and dim; the end was fast approaching. The boy's features were serene and a faint smile illuminated his face when he was told that his father's American friends were there.... Durrach and Brewer operated, Harvey held his pulse and I continued the transfusion.... Large rents were found in the colon, much blood in the chest and a large wound in the thigh.... Obviously all was lost.
George Washington Crile, on the death of Edward Revere Osler



Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1917/07/00 Field Ambulances, Royal Army Medical Corps Unit Field Ambulances establishes the 4th, 47th and 61st Casualty Clearing Stations at Dozinghem north-west of Poperinge near Krombeke.
1917/08/27 George Washington Crile Medical Officer Dr George W Crile performs a blood transfusion with his own apparatus on Lt Edward Osler at 47 Casualty Clearing Station, Dozinghem. Lt Osler is happy to see friend's of his father.
1917/08/27 Edward Revere Osler Health Major Batchelor, in need of treatment, and Lt Revere Osler arrive at 47 Casualty Clearing Station at Dozinghem by ambulance about 7:00 pm. The staff immediately got a message off to Harvey Cushing at 46 CCS at nearby Mendingham.
1917/08/28 Edward Revere Osler Died Before dawn, Lt Edward Revere Osler dies of his wounds in 47 Casualty Clearing Station (CCS) at Dozinghem in Vleteren, Belgium. Revere Osler is buried in Dozinghem Military Cemetery, plot 4, row F.
1917/08/28 Harvey Cushing Medical Officer Dr Harvey Cushing of the Harvard Unit operates on Lt Edward Osler's perforated colon and mesenteric vessels.
1918/00/00 Casualties from the 4th, 47th and 61st Casualty Clearing Stations are burried in Dozinghem Military Cemetery through early in 1918. The cemetery was designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield.
1940/05/00 Dozinghem Military Cemetery contains 73 Second World War burials dating from the Allied retreat to Dunkirk in May 1940. Evacuation of Dunkirk

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Particulars for Dozinghem Military Cemetery:
Healthcare Advanced Dressing Station
Historic Use Cemetery
Healthcare Field Ambulance WWI
Historic Use Graves, burials
Criteria Historic Event
Area of Significance Military
Sight Category Site
Motif War
Historic Event World War I

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