Berkeley Plantation

  • Also Known As: Benjamin Harrison V Birthplace also Berkeley Plantation
  • Historically Known As: Harrison's Landing
  • Also Known As: Harrisons Point

  • Address: 12602 Harrison Landing Rd
  • Vicinity: Off Scenic Rt 5
  • Hours: Open daily except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day
  • Phone: (888) 466-6018
  • Travel Genus: Sight , Visit
  • Sight Category: Museums



Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1619/12/04 Capt John Woodlief and his crew of 37 arrive at Berkeley Hundred and ordain that the day of ships arrival at the place assigned for plantacon in the land of Virginia shall be yearly and perpetually keept holy as a day of thanksgiving to Almighty God. First Thanksgivings
1622/03/22 Braves of the Powhatan led by Opechancanough came unarmed into the homes of English Colonist with deer, turkeys, fruits and other provisions to sell, but grabbed any tools or weapons available and killed all the English, including men, women and children. Turkey Virginia Indians Massacre English Colonist, 1622
1726/00/00 Benjamin Harrison IV Home Berkeley Plantation is built for Benjamin and Anne Harrison.
1726/00/00 Anne Carter Harrison Home Berkeley Plantation is built for Benjamin and Anne Harrison.
1726/04/05 Benjamin Harrison V Born Benjamin Harrison V is born at Berkeley Plantation. Benjamin Harrison V Birthday
1755/00/00 Benjamin Carter Harrison VI Born Elizabeth Bassett Harrison, wife of Benjamin Harrison V, gives birth to a son, Benjamin Carter Harrison VI in Charles City County, Colony of Virginia.
1773/02/09 William Henry Harrison Born William Henry Harrison is born at Berkeley Plantation. William Henry Harrison's Birthday
1779/09/00 By the time Benjamin Harrison VII inherits Berkeley, the plantation is sliding towards financial ruin.
1781/01/10 Benedict Arnold British Commander Turncoat Benedict Arnold pillages Berkeley Plantation, removing and burning all family portraits, most of Harrison's possessions and destroying a large portion of the house. Benedict Arnold's Raid on Richmond 1781
1787/08/28 Ann Mercer Harrison Died Ann Mercer Harrison dies at Charles City County, Virginia. Mrs Harrison is buried at Berkeley Plantation Graveyard in Charles City.
1790/00/00 Benjamin Carter Harrison VI Home Benjamin Harrison VI assumes ownership of Berkeley from his aging father and begins a large-scale renovation, adding the Adam woodwork and the double arches of the "Great Rooms" inside the mansion.
1791/04/24 Benjamin Harrison V Died Benjamin Harrison V dies at Berkeley Plantation.
1799/08/11 Benjamin Carter Harrison VI Died Benjamin Carter Harrison VI dies at Charles City County, Virginia. Mr Harrison is buried at Berkeley Plantation Graveyard in Charles City.
1842/01/30 Benjamin Harrison VII dies at Berkeley. He is buried in the Berkeley Plantation Graveyard. After over 150 years of Harrison ownership, Benjamin Harrison VIII will be the last Harrison to own Berkeley Plantation.
1862/07/08 George B McClellan Union Commander During the summer of 1862, President Abraham Lincoln meets with Gen George B McClellan at Berkeley Plantation.
1862/07/08 Abraham Lincoln Union Commander in Chief Departing Washington the day before, President Lincoln and a military party arrives at Harrison's Landing on the ARIEL. Lincoln will review General McClellan's corps and divisions of the Army of the Potomac until 9:00pm.
1862/07/23 Dr William Lyman Faxon Union Surgeon The 32nd Massachusetts Infantry Regiment joins the Army of the Potomac at Harrison's Landing in Virginia.
1862/08/00 Gen William N Grier Health Suffering from dysentery, William Grier remains with the Army until it reached Harrison's Landing on James River. "I was no longer able to ride my horse half a mile without falling off - was sent from the field." - WG
2007/11/19 George W Bush President President Bush speaks about Thanksgiving during a visit to Berkeley Plantation. First Thanksgivings

Data »

Particulars for Berkeley Plantation:
Area of Significance Architecture
Criteria Architecture-Engineering
Sight Category Building
Architectural Style Georgian Architecture
Level of Significance National
Criteria Person
Area of Significance Politics-government
Cultural Affiliation Powhatan
Owner Private
Historic Use Single dwelling

US National Registry of Historic Places Data »

Accurate at time of registration:

Registry Name:
Registry Address:
Registry Number: 71001040
Resource Type:
Owner: Private
Architect: unknown
Architectural Style: Georgian
Other Certification: Designated National Landmark, Additional documentation
Nominator Name: National Historic Landmark
Level of Significance: National
Area of Significance: Politics-government, Architecture
Applicable Criteria: Architecture-Engineering, Person
Period of Significance: 1700-1749, 1750-1799
Significant Year: 1726, 1791
Associated People: Harrison,Benjamin,V
Historic Function: Domestic
Historic Sub-Function: Single dwelling
Current Function: Domestic
Current Sub-Function: Single dwelling

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