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Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1946/00/00 William Zeckendorf Developer William Zeckendorf buys the land along the East River to develop his "X City". A complex that includes entertainment center with an office building and a hotel at each end.
1946/12/00 Nelson Rockefeller Developer Wallace Harrison and Nelson Rockefeller buy the "X city" site along the East River from William Zeckendorf for $8.5 million ($111 million in 2019).
1946/12/00 Wallace K Harrison Developer Wallace Harrison advises Nelson Rockefeller on purchasing the "X city" site on the East River from William Zeckendorf.
1947/00/00 John D Rockefeller Jr Benefactor John D Rockefeller Jr donates the X City site to the United Nations.
1948/09/14 Construction begins on the Secretariat Building at the United Nations permanent headquarters in New York City.
1949/06/00 American Bridge Company Fabricators UN officials begin the process of purchasing 10,000 to 11,000 tons of steel from the American Bridge Company.
1949/10/00 Charles Le Corbusier Architect After its steel framework is erected, the Secretariat Building is ceremonially topped out with the hoisting of the flag of the United Nations.
1949/10/24 Thomas E Dewey Dignitary New York Governor Thomas E Dewey plays the cornerstone for the Secretariat Building.
1949/10/24 Harry S Truman Dignitary At the foundation stone ceremony of the United Nations headquarters was laid in New York City, President Harry Truman delivers a speech emphasizing the need to make the common good a top priority.
1950/08/22 Oscar Niemeyer Architect The first 450 UN employees begin working at the Secretariat Building.
1964/05/01 A thousand students march in a circle across from the Soviet mission to the United Nations to protest a Soviet ban on baking matzo and other anti-Jewish measures. No one blocks traffic or scuffles with police. When They Come for Us We'll Be Gone: The Epic Struggle to Save Soviet Jewry (book)

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Particulars for Headquarters of the United Nations:
Area of Significance Architecture
Building Attribute Glass Curtain Wall

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North By Northwest (film) Film Alfred Hitchcock Cary Grant Thornhill arrives Headquarters of the United Nations.
The Interpreter Film
Sean Penn Tobin Keller investigate a complaint by United Nations interpreter Silvia Broome.
To Serve Man (short story) Short Story Damon Knight There were three of them at this session of the UN, ... three fat piglike creatures in green harnesses and shorts, sitting at the long table below the podium, surrounded by the packed arcs of delegates from every nation.

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