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Old Governor's Mansion

  • Also Known As: Executive Mansion

  • Address: 120 S Clark St
  • Travel Genus: Sight
  • Sight Category: Building

The original choice of a plan for the Executive Mansion was-one by John Pell, but upon close was determined that the cost would be approximately $70,000; therefore, the alternate plan, proposed by a Mr Clusky, was selected because the estimated cost for executing was only $30,000. It has, however, completed at a cost of $50,000. Records in the Legislative Journal indicate that both Pell and C B McClusky were each paid $100 for the best plan for the Executive Mansion.

Jared Irwin, the first chief executive residing in the new capital, occupied a log cabin. Three other houses, of clapboards, later served as the official residence until the present building was completed in 1838. Governors occupying the Mansion from 1839 to 1868 were: George R Gilmer, Charles J. McDonald, George W. Crawford, George E. Towns, Howell Cobb, Herschel V Johnson, Joseph E Brown, James Johnson, Charles J Jenkins, and Brigadier General Thomas H Ruger. Ruger, serving from January to July 1868, was appointed by General George H Meade, Commander of the Third Military District which Georgia was a part during Reconstruction. General William T Sherman established his headquarters in the Executive Mansion in November of 1864. From that time through Reconstruction the stately Mansion suffered many tragic moments. On May 9, 1865 Governor Brown was arrested, in the building by Federal troops. - NRHP, 13 May 1970



Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1838/00/00 Charles B Cluskey Architect Georgia Executive Mansion completed
1864/11/23 William T Sherman Union Commander William T Sherman makes his headquarters in the Governor's Mansion in Milledgeville. Sherman's March to the Sea

Data »

Particulars for Old Governor's Mansion:
Area of Significance Architecture
Criteria Architecture-Engineering
Sight Category Building
Architectural Style Greek Revival
Historic Use Institutional housing
Level of Significance National
Owner State

US National Registry of Historic Places Data »

Accurate at time of registration: 13th May 1970

Registry Name: Old Governor's Mansion
Registry Address: 120 S. Clark St.
Registry Number: 70000194
Resource Type: Building
Owner: State
Architect: Cluskey,Charles B.
Architectural Style: Greek revival
Area in Acres: 1
Contributing Buildings: 1
Other Certification: Designated National Landmark
Certification: Listed in the National Register
Nominator Name: National Historic Landmark
Level of Significance: National
Area of Significance: Architecture
Applicable Criteria: Architecture-Engineering
Period of Significance: 1825-1849
Significant Year: 1838
Historic Function: Domestic
Historic Sub-Function: Institutional housing
Current Function: Recreation and Culture, Education
Current Sub-Function: Museum Educational related housing

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