Copley Plaza Hotel

  • Historically Known As: Sheraton-Plaza Hotel

  • Travel Genus: Lodging
  • Lodging category: Upscale Lodging

The Copley Plaza Hotel is a luxury hotel located on Copley Square in Boston, Massachusetts. The grand hostelry is notable for its stunning Neoclassical styled lobby. Know as Peacock Alley, it is decorated with Second Empire style crystal chandeliers and Italian marble columns. - AsNotedIn



Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1876/00/00 Boston's Museum of Fine Arts' Gothic Revival building (lost) opens on the south side of Art Square, today's Copley Square.
1881/00/00 Gen Charles G Loring Work Charles Loring is promoted to be the first full-time Director of the Museum of Fine Arts located in a Gothic Revival building (lost) on the south side of Copley Square, Boston.
1911/00/00 Henry J Hardenbergh Architect A Renaissance Revival-style hotel is erected on the site of the originally Museum of Fine Arts. The E-shaped building is set on a foundation pilings driven 70 feet deep into the Back Bay fens.
1912/08/00 John F Fitzgerald Dignitary Mayor John F Fitzgerald conducts the opening ceremonies of the Copley Plaza Hotel.
1913/02/21 John Hays Hammond Guest After the small dinner party, hundreds of guest begin arriving at 11pm for Hamilton Fish's dance at the Copley Plaza Hotel.
1913/02/21 J P Morgan Jr Guest Mrs Nicholas Longworth, Mrs August Belmont, JP Morgan Jr, and John Hays Hammond attend a "Lenten dance" hosted by Hamilton Fish II at the Copley Plaza Hotel.
1913/02/22 Hamilton Fish II host a "Lenten dance" where "society leaders ... from New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington and Boston greeted the coming of daylight this morning at the Copley Plaza Hotel".
1921/11/23 Frederick A Kerry, grandfather of US Secretary of State John Kerry, commits suicide by shooting himself in the head with a handgun in a bathroom at the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston.
1935/02/00 Babe Ruth Guest of Honor Boston boosters host a dinner for Babe Ruth at The Copley Plaza Hotel to celebrate his return to Boston after 16 years with the New York Yankees.
1940/08/02 Willard Hershberger Vocation During the second game of a double header against the Boston Bees, Willard Hershberger plays in a trance like state, getting no hits in 5 attempts. That night he cries uncontrollably in the suite of the Reds' manager, Bill McKechnie.
1940/08/03 Willard Hershberger Died Willard Hershberger meticulously lays towels, wall to wall, on the bathroom floor of his room at the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston. and commits suicide with a used single-edge blade that he had taken from his roommate's safety razor.
1944/00/00 Sheraton Hotels and Resorts Owner Sheraton Hotels and Resorts buys the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston. They will renamed the hostelry the "Sheraton-Plaza Hotel" c 1953.
1973/00/00 John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company Owner The John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company buys the Sheraton-Plaza Hotel, renames it back to the "Copley Plaza Hotel" and soon begins restorations.

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Particulars for Copley Plaza Hotel:
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Area of Design Decorative Arts
Historic Use Hotel
Current Use Lodging
Architectural Style Neoclassical

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Lodging Attribute Grand Hotel
Lodging Style Hotel
Accommodations Luxury
Lodging category Upscale Lodging

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