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New England

  • Vicinity: NE corner of United States of America
  • Type: Region



Coastal Environ


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New England

Eat and Drink »

Anadama bread
Cranberry Fruit
Drayman's Porter Beer
Indian Pudding Classic dessert from Colonial days
Moxie Original Elixir Soda Pop
New England Clam Chowder Soup Melton Mowbray pork pie, named after a town in the county of Leicestershire, became popular among fox hunters in the area in the late C18th
Wild Beach Plum Preserve Sweets Wild Beach Plum are grown on the New England seashore.

Geography »

Exotic Terranes

Complex north-south patterns in the six New England states mirror a convoluted geologic story. This northern part of the Appalachians consists of several terranes, fault-bounded slices of the crust that have a tectonic history distinct from adjacent rocks. The terranes, which include rocks similar to those in the British Isles, originated elsewhere but were joined (accreted) to eastern North America in the Paleozoic during the formation of Pangaea. A Paleozoic fault zone comparable to the San Andreas, intrusion of Mesozoic igneous-rock masses, and later opening of the Atlantic Ocean have further complicated this New England portrait. - USGS

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Particulars for New England:
Locale Type Region

Creative Works »

Europe Short Story
Henry James Short story
Lolita Book Vladimir Nabokov Set in the fictitious New England town of Ramsdale
Salesman (film) Film Four salesmen work through out New England.
Strawberry Spring (Short Story) Short Story
Stephen King "Strawberry Spring" is set at New Sharon College, a fictional college in New England.
The Ghost Writer Book
Philip Roth "The Ghost Writer" is set in a secluded New England farmhouse.
The House of the Seven Gables Book Nathaniel Hawthorne Setting
The Human Stain Book Philip Roth Setting

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