The Driftless Area

  • Also Known As: Wisconsin Driftless Section

  • Vicinity: Centered on the Mississippi River in SW Wisconsin, NE Minnesota, NE Iowa and the NW corner of Illinois
  • Type: Physiographic Section

Isolated patches of rough terrain in the unglaciated Driftless Area, primarily in southwestern Wisconsin, stand out from the surrounding, smoothed glaciated ground. Thoroughly dissected by tributaries of the Mississippi River, the topography within these "islands" was engulfed but never overridden by the ice. The appearance of the Driftless Area landscape today probably is much like that of adjacent glaciated landscapes prior to the first Pleistocene ice advance. - USGS



Apple River State Park
Mineral Point, WI


Decorah Ice Cave Natural Cave
  • NRHP
Dells of the Wisconsin River Canyon, Gorge

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