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  • Phone: 310.246.5153
  • Travel Genus: Eats , Eats
  • Eatery Category: Fast-Casual

Food truck that Spawned a Restaurant

Komodo was established by Le Cordon Bleu, Pasadena trained French Chef Erwin Tjahyadi in 2009 and is notable for small plate offerings that blend Asian, European and other cuisines around the world. Komodo serves dangerously good food but they don't actually serve Komodo Dragon, which are endangered. - AsNotedIn

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Eatery Category Casual Dining
Eats Attribute Counter Service
Eats Time Dinner
Eatery Category Fast-Casual
Eats Time Lunch

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Particulars for Komodo:
Cuisine Asian Fusion
Eatery Category Goodies

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