Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1128/00/00 Holyrood Abbey, now in ruins, is established by King David I
1326/00/00 Robert the Bruce hold a parliament at the Holyrood Abbey in 1326, and by 1329 he was using it as a residence.
1469/00/00 Margaret of Denmark marries James III at Holyrood in 1469.
1501/00/00 James IV (1488-1513) clears the ground of the abbey and begins to build a palace for himself and his future bride Margaret Tudor (sister of Henry the VIII). Holyroodhouse was the name of a guest house maintained by the Abbot of Holyrood.
1528/00/00 James V extends the residence with the northwest tower in 1528 and constructs a new west facade from 1535.
1544/00/00 During the War of the Rough Wooing, the Earl of Hertford sacks Edinburgh, and Holyrood is looted and burned. Repairs were made, but the altars were destroyed by a Reforming mob in 1559.
1561/00/00 Mary, Queen of Scots occupies the royal apartments in the north-west tower of the palace from her return to Scotland in 1561 to her forced abdication in 1567.
1566/03/09 Mary, Queen of Scots witnesses Lord Darnley lead a group of supporters to sieze and murder her private secretary, David Rizzio, in her private apartments.
1650/00/00 East range of Holyrood Palace is set on fire during its occupation by Oliver Cromwell's soldiers.
1678/00/00 Current Holyrood Palace is built between 1671-1678 for Charles II after the restoration of the monarchy.
1745/00/00 Bonnie Prince Charlie holds court at Holyroodhouse during his 1745 bid for the throne.
1768/00/00 Roof of the Abbey church collapses, leaving the royal chapel in ruins.
1829/07/30 Felix Mendelssohn Visitor Mendelssohn visits Holyrood Palace and the ruins of Holyrood Abbey, an inspiration for his 3rd symphony Symphony No 3 - Scottish
1830/11/00 Louis Antoine and his wife escape to Edinburgh, Scotland where they live at 21 (now 22) Regent Terrace, near Holyrood Palace where Charles X stays. French Revolution of July 1830

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Particulars for Palace of Holyroodhouse:
Sight Category Building
Building Type Castle
Category for Historic Use Defense

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Ruins of the Holyrood Chapel by Moonlight Painting Louis Daguerre Although there is no record of Daguerre's visit to the Chapel, the view by moonlight of the Holyrood Chapel is notable.

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