Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1870/06/16 First Atlantic City Boardwalk is built to keep the sand out of the beachfront hotels and the Camden and Atlantic's railroad passenger cars. At the end of each summer season, the Boardwalk was dismantled and stored for the winter.
1880/00/00 In 1880, the 1st Atlantic City Boardwalk is replaced. A storm in 1884 damages the 2nd boardwalk, which was destroyed by a hurricane in 1889.
1906/00/00 Price and McLanahan Architect Traymore Hotel boardwalk tower (lost) is constructed. A new concrete main building (lost) will be built behind it 1915.
1916/00/00 Current Atlantic City Boardwalk is built in a herringbone board pattern over steel pilings and forty-foot steel beams.
1929/05/30 M Hawley McLanahan Died M Hawley McLanahan dies at the Traymore Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ
1972/04/27 Jack Loizeaux sets off the first of three controlled implosions to demolish the Traymore Hotel, the final one was in May 1972 Atlantic City


Atlantic City Convention Hall
Playground Pier
Steel Pier, Atlantic City

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Physiographic Data
Length: 8,800 m

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This Side of Paradise (book) Novel F Scott Fitzgerald In "This Side of Paradise", Amory paces the Atlantic City board walk at days end, October 1919.

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Activity Category On Foot
On Foot Type Urban Walk

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