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de Young Museum

  • Phone: 415.750.3600
  • Type: Congeries Repository
  • Travel Genus: Sight , Visit , Visit
  • Sight Category: Museums
  • Museum Type: Congeries Repository

Located in San Francisco, de Young is a world class art museum. - AsNotedIn

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de Young Museum

Objects of Art

Mrs Daniel Sargent (Mary Turner painting) Painting
Portrait of Orleans Painting


Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1894/00/00 The art Museum is built as the Fine Arts Building for the Midwinter Expo. Designed in a Egyptian style, the building will later become a free, ublic museum, with the art from the Expo donated by the artists. The Sphinxes by Arthur Putnam remain in front. California Midwinter International Exposition of 1894
1894/04/00 Eric Pape Artist "The Young Spinner of Zeven" a painting by Eric Pape is awarded a medal at the California Midwinter International Exposition. California Midwinter International Exposition of 1894
1919/00/00 Louis Christian Mullgardt Architect Designed in the Spanish-Plateresque-style, the de Young museum is completed and formally transferred by de Young to the city's park commissioners (razed).
1979/04/05 John D Rockefeller III Benefactor Mr and Mrs John D Rockefeller 3rd make a gift of John Singleton Copley's portrait of Mrs Daniel Sargent to the de Young Museum, San Francisco. Mrs Daniel Sargent (Mary Turner painting)
2000/12/31 The former de Young Museum structure closes to the public. Historic elements such as the sphinxes, the original palm trees, and the Pool of Enchantment, will be retained or reconstructed at the new museum.
2005/10/15 Herzog and de Meuron Basel, Ltd Architects The new de Young museum building opens. The design weaves the museum into the natural environment of the park and provides open and light-filled spaces that facilitate and enhance the art-viewing experience.
2020/06/19 A mob, apparently protesting discrimination in America, vandalize the Sphinxes at the de Young Museum.

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Particulars for de Young Museum:
Area of Significance Architecture
Area of Significance Art
Sight Category Building
Museum Type Museum

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