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The Serpentine, London

  • Public Swimming Area: Lansbury's Lido

  • Address: Hyde Park W2
  • Vicinity: Hyde Park
  • Type: Lake



Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1777/00/00 Gilbert Stuart Painter When William Grant said that the day is better suited for skating than sitting for one's portrait, he and Stuart went ice skating on The Serpentine in Hyde Park. Stuart went on to paint Grant on ice skates in a winter landscape. The Skater (Portrait of William Grant)
1816/12/08 Harriet Shelley, far advanced in pregnancy, is taken out of the Serpentine River dead and brought to her residence in Queen St, Brompton. She has a valuable ring on her finger, her husband, Percy Shelley is abroad. Marriage of Mary Wollstonecraft and Percy Bysshe Shelley
1912/07/00 Lady Diana Cooper Life After sneaking away from her governesses, Lady Diana Manners takes moonlit swims in the Serpentine or the Thames or ventures to pubs in Limehouse docks.

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Particulars for The Serpentine, London:
Natural Feature Lake

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