The Occidental Hotel

  • Address: 10 N Main St
  • Vicinity: N of W Fetterman St
  • Phone: 307-684-0451
  • Type: Bar
  • Travel Genus: Drink , Lodging , Sight
  • Sight Category: Building
  • Drinkery Category: Casual Drinkery
  • Lodging category: Casual Lodging
  • Drinkery Type: Bar



Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1880/00/00 First Occidental Hotel opens near the Bozeman Trail at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains. The original log buildings had six rooms upstairs in the main building, with a lobby, restaurant and saloon on the ground floor.
1885/00/00 Legend has it, Martha Jane Cannary Burke, aka Calamity Jane, who drove freight wagons on the Bozeman Trail, stopped often at the Occidental Hotel.
1890/00/00 Butch Cassidy Guest Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid visit the Occidental from their hideout at the nearby Hole-in-the-Wall.
1890/00/00 Owen Wister Guest Owen Wister stays at the Occidental Hotel. He based many his characters in The Virginian on people he met here. The Virginian (book)
1890/00/00 Legendary frontier sheriffs like Frank Canton and "Red" Angus are regulars at the bar the Occidental Hotel.
1890/00/00 William F Cody Guest Buffalo Bill Cody probably stayed at the Occidental.
1890/00/00 Theodore Roosevelt Guest As a North Dakota rancher, Roosevelt travels in Wyoming in the 1880s and visits the Cheyenne Club and Buffalo twice. He apparently stayed at the Occidental when he came to hunt in the Big Horn Mountains.
1890/00/00 The famous cattle detective and killer, Tom Horn, visits the Occidental Hotel Saloon.
1892/04/09 Terrance Smith rides 60 mi to Buffalo to alert Sheriff Red Angus. After a town meeting in the Occidental Saloon, a posse of 200 men, armed and provisioned by businessman Robert Foote, set off to the south to intercept the invading group. Johnson County War
1903/00/00 First section of the current Occidental Hotel is built in 1903.
1908/00/00 The original rough barroom is replaced with an elegant saloon that features a 25 ft bar, stained glass accents. intricately embossed tin ceiling and 23 old bullet holes which have been restored and preserved.
1928/00/00 Ernest Hemingway Guest Buffalo was a popular starting place on the way to Yellowstone, where Ernest Hemingway liked to fish and hunt.
1938/00/00 Herbert Hoover Guest President Herbert Hoover stays at the Occidental Hotel in the summer of 1932. He was back in Wyoming running for re-election (a race that he lost to Franklin Delano Roosevelt in November.)

Eat and Drink »

Drinkery Type Bar
Drinkery Category Casual Drinkery

Data »

Particulars for The Occidental Hotel:
Area of Significance Architecture
Cultural Affiliation Basque
Sight Category Building
Area of Significance Commerce
Historic Use Hotel
Current Use Lodging
Criteria Person
Owner Private

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Lodging Attribute Boutique Hotel
Lodging category Casual Lodging
Lodging Attribute Grand Hotel
Lodging Style Hotel

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