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Grand Canal

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Particulars for Grand Canal:
Waterway Canal
Area of Significance Engineering
Boat Type Gondola
Sight Category Structure
Area of Significance Transportation
Historic Use Water-related

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A Wicked Voice (short story) Short Story
Vernon Lee I was disturbed at my piano by the hoarse voices and the scraping of violins which rose from one of those music-boats that station at night under the hotels of the Grand Canal.
Don't Look Now Film Nicolas Roeg "Don't Look Now" is set and was filmed on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy
Entrance to the Grand Canal, Venice Painting Bernardo Bellotto "Entrance to the Grand Canal, Venice" depicts the Grand Canal, Venice, Italy
Italian Hours (book) Travelogue Henry James
La biondina in gondoletta (song) Song
"The blonde in a gondola" is a Traditional Italian song just right for Venice.
The Aspern Papers (book) Mezzobula Henry James We swept in the course of five minutes into the Grand Canal, whereupon she uttered a murmur of ecstasy as fresh as if she had been a tourist just arrived.
The Grand Canal Painting
J M W Turner "The Grand Canal" is a view of the Grand Canal looking east from Madonna della Salute

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