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Yale Old Campus

  • Address: College St
  • Vicinity: Elm St
  • Type: Historic District
  • Travel Genus: Sight , Sight
  • Sight Category: Historic District

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Yale Old Campus


Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1716/00/00 As out-of-the-way Saybrook proves to be unpopular, Collegiate School moves to New Haven, whose citizens have built a wooden building, "College House" (lost), at the corner of College and Chapel Streets. Establishing Yale University
1718/00/00 James Pierpont II Education James Pierpont II graduates from Yale College.
1718/00/00 After London merchant and slave trader Elihu Yale - step grandson of Theophilus Eaton - donates over 400 books, a portrait of King George I, and cloth goods that will sell for 562 pounds, Collegiate School is renamed Yale College. Establishing Yale University
1743/06/00 Caleb Smith Sr Education Caleb Smith graduates from Yale College.
1751/06/00 Rev Cotton Mather Smith Education Cotton Mather Smith graduates of Yale College.
1762/09/00 Oliver Ellsworth Education Oliver Ellsworth enters Yale College in New Haven, Connecticut.
1766/09/00 Timothy Dwight Education Timothy Dwight enters Yale College.
1769/06/00 Timothy Dwight Education Timothy Dwight graduates from Yale College.
1772/00/00 Abraham Baldwin Education A member of the Linonian Society, Abraham Baldwin graduates from Yale College.
1778/00/00 Ezra Stiles Work Ezra Stiles is elected to the presidency of Yale College.
1779/07/04 Ezra Stiles Patriot Yale President Ezra Stiles sights the British fleet approaching New Haven harbor through his telescope from the steeple of the college chapel. The student militia will assist in defending the town the next day.
1781/00/00 Josiah Meigs Work Josiah Meigs tutors in mathematics, natural philosophy and astronomy at Yale from 1781 to 1784.
1787/06/00 Gaylord Griswold Education Gaylord Griswold graduates from Yale College.
1793/06/00 David Putnam Sr Education David Putnam graduates from Yale College in New Haven, Connecticut.
1793/09/00 Lyman Beecher Education Fitted for college by the Rev Thomas W Bray, Lyman Beecher begins attending Yale College.
1795/00/00 Ezra Stiles Work By the end of his term, Ezra Stiles fills the only two professorships at Yale: the Professorship of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, and the Professorship of Divinity.
1795/09/08 Timothy Dwight Work Timothy Dwight is inaugurated as President of Yale College in New Haven.
1797/06/00 Lyman Beecher Education Lyman Beecher graduates from Yale College.
1797/09/09 Timothy Dwight Author Timothy Dwight delivers "The Nature and Danger of Infidel Philosophy" to the Candidates for the Baccalaureate at Yale College. The Nature and Danger of Infidel Philosophy (book) Second Great Awakening
1798/00/00 Lyman Beecher Education Lyman Beecher attends Yale Divinity School under the tutelage of Timothy Dwight.
1799/06/00 Oliver Ellsworth Jr Education Oliver Ellsworth Jr graduates from Yale College.
1801/00/00 Timothy Dwight Work Timothy Dwight receives approval from the Yale Corporation to hire a professor of law. This is the beginning of what will become Yale Law School.
1802/00/00 Rev Samuel Hopkins Education Samuel Hopkins earns his Doctor of Divinity from Yale.
1802/00/00 Oliver Ellsworth Jr Education Oliver Ellsworth Jr tutors at Yale and receives an AM or Artium Magister (Master's) degree in 1802.
1802/00/00 Dwight persuades Benjamin Silliman to give up his plans to become a lawyer and to instead establish a program to teach chemistry. Silliman soon becomes the "father of American scientific education".
1802/00/00 Timothy Dwight Work The Yale Corporation authorizes Dwight to fill two newly created professorships, that of Languages and Ecclesiastical History, and Chemistry.
1810/00/00 Nathaniel Mather, Lawyer Education Nathaniel Mather attends Yale College.
1811/00/00 Timothy Dwight Work After a long struggle for funding and faculty, Timothy Dwight supervises the establishment of the Medical Institution of Yale College.
1827/06/00 Cortlandt Van Rensselaer Education Cortlandt Van Rensselaer graduates from Yale.
1837/00/00 John Langdon Sullivan Education John L Sullivan receives a medical degree from Yale University. Dr Sullivan practiced homeopathic medicine for the next 25 years.
1875/06/00 Edward Austin Kent Education After attending the Briggs Classical School of Buffalo, Edward Kent earns a degree in Civil Engineering from the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale University.
1891/06/00 Charles Samuel Ingham Education Charles S Ingham receives his BA from from Yale College in New Haven, Connecticut.


Connecticut Hall, Yale University

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Particulars for Yale Old Campus:
Sight Category Building
Higher Learning College
Narrative Arts Collegiate Life
Area of Significance Education
Sight Category Historic District

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Drinking Coffee Elsewhere (Short Story) Short Story ZZ Packer "You know," she said, as we walked through Old Campus, "you've got to stop eating ramen."

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