Breclav Town
Brno, CZ City
Hlohovec Town
Lednice Town
Lednicke Rybniky Lake Environ
Slavkov u Brna, CZ Town
Valtice Town
Vestonice Reservoir Reservoir
Wetlands of Lower Podyji Wetland

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Panenske Ceske Apple Fruit Panenske Ceske Apple used to be widespread throughout South Moravia.
South Moravian Oskeruse Fruit Oskeruse are mainly grown in South Moravia near the village of Straznice.
Sztetyna Czerwona Apple Fruit Sztetyna Czerwona Apple is a scarce apple variety in Central Europe.
Velkopavlovicka Apricot Fruit Velkopavlovicka apricots takes grown in the South Moravian village of Velke Pavlovice.
Znojmo Cucumber Vegetable The area around Znojmo has favorable soils and climate for cucumbers.

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Particulars for South Moravian Region, CZ:
Locale Type Czech Kraj

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