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Busch Gardens Cultural Landscape Historic District

  • Address: Madeline Dr
  • Vicinity: Bounded by Arroyo Seco, Bellefontaine St, Orange Grove Blvd
  • Travel Genus: Sight , Sight
  • Sight Category: Structure

Busch Gardens Cultural Landscape Historic District is the fragmented remains of Adolphus Busch's private estate, Ivy Wall and two large gardens he opened free to the public as Busch Gardens, in Pasadena, California. - AsNotedIn



Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1898/00/00 Frederick L Roehrig Architect A Tudor style mansion (lost) designed by Frederick Roehrig is built at 1021 S Orange Grove Ave near Arlington Ave for John S Cravens, of Ligget and Myers tobacco.
1904/00/00 Adolphus Busch Developer Adolphus Busch buys the John S Cravens' 50-acre estate overlooking the Arroyo Seco intent on creating an elaborately landscape, known as Busch Gardens (lost). His Tudor style mansion, Ivy Wall at 1021 South Orange Grove Ave, was razed in 1952.
1905/00/00 Stoneridge Drive, off Madeline Dr, once served as a service entrance to the gardens. Here one may find some original concrete walkways, rock retaining walls and benches.
1906/00/00 Adolphus Busch Developer Adolphus Busch and his wife Lilly open their gardens to the public free of charge. Their Scottish garden designer, Robert Gordon Fraser, will live at the gardens until they close.
1906/00/00 The steep, sloping, landscape of the Arroyo Seco is structured into a terraced landscape. Original plants like live oaks, cacti and other succulents can be found in the Arroyo below S Arroyo Blvd near S Grand Ave.
1909/00/00 By 1909, Busch Gardens is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Southern California, with trolley car lines promoting special "Triangle Trolley Trips" that included the Gardens, Santa Monica, and LA oil fields!
1909/02/00 William Howard Taft Visitor I know Adolphus Busch very well and I wonder if he would like to turn these gardens over for a golf links. I would like to play golf here and sit down under those beautiful trees when I got tired. - President Taft
1910/00/00 The "Mystic Hut", a popular feature in the lower garden stood behind a series of stone-lined pools. The hut is lost, but the foundation and pools remain on the north side of Busch Garden Dr.
1910/00/00 Thaddeus S C Lowe Home Locale Busch buys the Thaddeus Lowe mansion (lost) and gardens at 955 S Orange Grove Ave. Part of Busch Gardens until 1917, original rock planters and concrete railings made to look like tree logs, can be seen in private yards along Orange Grove Circle.
1910/00/00 A semi-circular Grecian Pergola is built on Arroyo Dr near the entrance to the Busch Lower Gardens overlooking an area the "Camel's Hump". In 1951 the structure was incorporated into a private residence, 1025 S Arroyo Blvd.
1910/00/00 Adolphus and Lilly Busch erect a copy of an Old Mill their grandchildren had learned about in Banbury Cross, England. It is now a private home at 485 Madeline Drive.
1918/00/00 In the spring, while Lilly Busch, a native of German, is in Havana, the United States government seizes all of her properties, including Ivy Wall and the gardens. The US will return the properties to her in December.
1921/00/00 The American Legion operates the gardens and collect admission, 25 cents for adults and 10 cents for children, to support injured war veterans. Lower and upper gardens are separate. A former ticket booth stands at S Arroyo Blvd and Busch Garden Dr.
1937/00/00 Eastern portions of the Busch Gardens, the upper garden with an entrance near Orange Grove Blvd and Arlington Dr, are sold and subdivided. The former natatorium pergola still stands on Madeline Drive.
1938/00/00 Michael Curtiz directs the archery tournament for "The Adventures of Robin Hood" at Busch Gardens (lost). The Adventures of Robin Hood
1939/05/00 Clark Gable Actor "Gone With the Wind" producers rent Busch Gardens for a number of days to shoot the picnic scene. Gone with the Wind (film)
1949/00/00 Busch Gardens' westside grounds, the lower gardens, are sold and developed into residential lots. Rusted V-mesh fencing, miles of original sidewalks and rock-lined paths remain near S Arroyo Blvd near S Grand Ave.

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Area of Significance Architecture
Sight Category Historic District
Sight Category Landscape
Area of Significance Landscape Architecture
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Sight Category Structure

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Citizen Kane Film Joseph Cotten Orson Welles Herman J Mankiewicz The grounds of 'Xanadu' were filmed in Busch Gardens, Pasadena.

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