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Shear Madness (play)

  • Type: Play

Wicked Cool

Shear Madness is a spontaneous blend of comedy, improve and murder-whodunit. Shear Madness has been voted as the Best Comedy of the Year in the Boston Globe seven times and is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest running play in the United States. - AsNotedIn

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Y/M/D Association Description Place Locale Food Event
1980/01/29 Shear Madness begins at the Charles Playhouse in Boston Charles Playhouse Boston
2020/01/29 The Boston cast of "Shear Madness" celebrates its 40th anniversary, the show's 12,580th performance. Charles Playhouse Boston
2020/03/15 "Shear Madness" closes at the Charles Playhouse. Charles Playhouse Boston

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Particulars for Shear Madness (play):
Narrative Arts Comedy, Humor the quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech.
Narrative Arts Murder the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another
Narrative Arts Mystery something not understood or beyond understanding
Art Type Play a story that is written to be performed by actors, especially in a theatre

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