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Leaves of Grass (book)

  • Type: Poems
  • Length: 624 pages

Leaves of Grass was originally an assemblage of twelve poems by Walt Whitman that celebrated the nation by celebrating himself. The first edition was self-published in late June of 1855 and was sold in at least two stores, both in New York City, one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. About 200 copies of the origin 795 first editions remain today. Whitman re-worked Leaves of Grass many times, publishing five editions, and growing to 389 poems. - AsNotedIn

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Y/M/D Association Description Place Locale Food Event
1849/00/00 Lorenzo N Fowler Work Lorenzo N Fowler makes a phrenological analysis of Walt Whitman's head. The second edition "Leaves of Grass" include the results of this phrenological analysis.
1855/06/00 Walt Whitman Author Walt Whitman self publishes "Leaves of Grass", containing twelve poems.
1856/00/00 Fowler and Wells Company Publisher Fowler and Wells, phrenologists, print and distribute 1,000 copies of the second edition of Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass". The edition reprints Whitman's phrenological analysis made by Lorenzo N Fowler in 1849.
1856/06/07 Samuel Roberts Wells Publisher By letter, Robert Wells insist that 'Friend Whitman' omit 'objectionable passages' and suggest that "Leaves of Grass" would be better published elsewhere.
1881/00/00 Walt Whitman Author James R Osgood and Co publish a new edition of Leaves of Grass.
1882/00/00 James R Osgood and Company Publisher Osgood withdraws his edition of "Leaves of Grass" on complaint of Boston District Attorney and the prints it in Philadelphia, along with "Specimen Days". News of the censure leads to a boom in sales.
1884/00/00 Walt Whitman Home Walt Whitman uses the royalties from "Leaves of Grass" to buy a newly built residence for less than $2000 at 328 Mickle Street in Camden. Walt Whitman House Camden, NJ
1997/02/28 William Jefferson Clinton Sugar Daddy In the study next to the Oval Office, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky engage in sex. Clinton also gives her a hat pin and Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass." Lewinsky will later discover that the blue dress she is wearing is stained with Clinton's semen. The White House Washington, DC
1998/01/23 Hillary Rodham Clinton Wronged Wife After it is reported in the New York Times that one of the gifts Bill had given Monica was a copy of Whitman's Leaves of Grass, Hillary, in a voice tinged with heartache, says to no one in particular, "He gave me the same book - after our second date...."

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Particulars for Leaves of Grass (book):
Writing Type Poems
Narrative Arts Verse

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