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Max Hensig (book)

  • Type: Mezzobula
  • Length: 23 pages

A Story of New York

There was a heavy sameness about them that made it difficult to report them interestingly, and as a rule they were left to the tender mercies of the "flimsy" men - the Press Associations - and no paper sent a special man unless the case was distinctly out of the usual. Moreover, a hundred and fifty meant a column and a half, and Williams, not being a space man, earned the same money whether he wrote a stickful or a page; so that he felt doubly aggrieved, and walked out into the sunny open spaces opposite Newspaper Row heaving a deep sigh and cursing the boredom of his trade.
Even now he could not enter the gloomy Tombs Prison, or cross the Bridge of Sighs leading from it to the courts, without experiencing a real sensation, for its huge Egyptian columns and massive walls closed round him like death; and the first time he walked down Murderers' Row, and came in view of the cell doors, his throat was dry, and he had almost turned and run out of the building.

Max Hensig is a 1907 mezzobula (longer than a short story, but shorter than a novella) by English author Algernon Blackwood. - AsNotedIn

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  • Bowery, After the custom of reporters, they made their way up the Bowery and went into a saloon. Here they washed away most of the "dirty taste" left by the Tombs atmosphere.
  • Chinatown - Little Italy, They went down Pell Street, and turn up dark wooden stairs into a Chinese restaurant, smelling strongly of opium and of cooking not Western. Here they order chou chop suey and chou om dong, and wash it down with fiery white whisky.
  • East Village, Williams walks slowly through the malodorous slum streets that lay between the Bowery and the Tombs, dodging the pullers-in outside the clothing stores and nibbling at a bag of peanuts he caught up off an Italian push-cart en route.
  • Manhattan, New York City Max Hensig is a German doctor accused of murdering his second wife by injecting arsenic.
  • Sandy Hook Light, Sandy Hook Williams talks to the Quarantine doctor as they steamed down the bay in the little tug to meet an incoming liner just anchoring inside Sandy Hook.
  • Town of Babylon, NY, New York Amityville was a scattered village some twenty miles away on Long Island, where Dr Hensig had lived and practiced for the last year or two, and where Mrs Hensig No 2 had come to her suspicious death.


Y/M/D Association Description Place Locale Food Event
1907/11/00 Algernon Blackwood Author "Max Hensig - Bacteriologist and Murderer" is published.

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Particulars for Max Hensig (book):
Poison Arsenic
Addictive Stimulant Cocaine powerfully addictive stimulant drug made from the leaves of the coca plant native to South America
Narrative Arts Fiction prose literature, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people
Area of Significance Journalism
Occupation Journalist
Narrative Arts Mezzobula medium form fiction narrative that is longer than a short story, but shorter than a novel
Narrative Arts Narrative an account of connected events
Toxin Poison a substance that is capable of causing the illness or death of a living organism when introduced or absorbed
Narrative Arts Prose ordinary written language
Former jail in Lower Manhattan, NYC The Tombs Prison

Original Language: English

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