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The Duke in His Domain (article)

  • Type: Article

Marlon Brando, on location.

The Duke in His Domain is a 1957 profile of American actor Marlon Brando by author Truman Capote at the Miyako Hotel in Kyoto, Japan. Capote interviews Brando who is staying at the Miyako during the making of the feature film 'Sayonara'. Directed by Joshua Logan and shot on location in Kyoto, the movie is based on James Michener's novel of the same name.

But, for the convenience of Japanese guests who prefer their own mode of decor while desiring the prestige of staying at the Miyako, or of those foreign travelers who yearn after authentic atmosphere yet are disinclined to endure the unheated rigors of a real Japanese inn, the Miyako maintains some suites decorated in the traditional manner, and it was in one of these that Brando had chosen to settle himself. His quarters consisted of two rooms, a bath, and a glassed-in sun porch. Without the overlying and underlying clutter of Brando's personal belongings, the rooms would have been textbook illustrations of the Japanese penchant for an ostentatious barrenness.
Located in the Higashiyama Hills, the Miyako resort, built originally in 1900, offers stunning views of the ancient city of Kyoto. - AsNotedIn

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Y/M/D Association Description Place Locale Food Event
1956/12/00 Sayonara's director, Josh Logan, and William Goetz, Sayonara's producer, both write to The New Yorker stating that they will not cooperate for an article and, that if Capote travels to Japan he will be barred from the set. Truman Capote Profiles Marlon Brando
1956/12/27 Just after Christmas, Truman Capote and his friend Cecil Beaton begin their flight to Japan. Capote is unaware he is not allowed on the set of Marlon Brando's film in Kyoto. Truman Capote Profiles Marlon Brando
1957/01/23 Logan immediately goes upstairs to Brando's room to warn the actor: "Don't let yourself be left alone with Truman. He's after you." Brando is polite and invites Capote to dinner, which Brando expects to last only about an hour. Truman Capote Profiles Marlon Brando
1957/01/23 Logan sees Capote in the lobby of the Miyako signing in. Logan, without saying a word, picks Capote up from behind and carts him across the lobby to outside the main door. Capote: "Now come on, Josh! I'm not going to write anything bad." Miyako Hotel, Kyoto Kyoto Truman Capote Profiles Marlon Brando
1957/01/25 Marlon Brando Subject Brando and Capote dine and chat in Brando's room at the Miyako during a 5 hour visit. "Apple pie. That's all I need. I'm supposed to be on a diet. But the only things I want to eat are apple pie and stuff like that." MB Miyako Hotel, Kyoto Kyoto Apple Pie Truman Capote Profiles Marlon Brando
1957/05/16 Marlon Brando Subject Marlen Brando writes to Truman Capote: It is, indeed, discomforting to have the network of one's innards guywired and festooned with harlequin streamers for public musing, but, perhaps, it will entertain.... Truman Capote Profiles Marlon Brando
1957/11/09 Truman Capote Author "The Duke in His Domain" is published in The New Yorker. Truman Capote Profiles Marlon Brando
1957/11/09 The New Yorker Publisher "The Duke in His Domain" is published in The New Yorker. Truman Capote Profiles Marlon Brando

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Writing Type Article
Narrative Arts Biography
Narrative Arts Fiction prose literature, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people
Art Type Film
Area of Significance Journalism
Narrative Arts Narrative an account of connected events

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