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The Secret of Macarger's Gulch (short story)

  • Type: Short Story

The Secret of Macarger's Gulch is a 1891 short story by American author Ambrose Bierce. - AsNotedIn

Northwestwardly from Indian Hill, about nine miles as the crow flies, is Macarger's Gulch. It is not much of a gulch -- a mere depression between two wooded ridges of inconsiderable height. From its mouth up to its head -- for gulches, like rivers, have an anatomy of their own -- the distance does not exceed two miles, and the width at bottom is at only one place more than a dozen yards; for most of the distance on either side of the little brook which drains it in winter, and goes dry in the early spring, there is no level ground at all; the steep slopes of the hills, covered with an almost impenetrable growth of manzanita and chemisal, are parted by nothing but the width of the watercourse.
Ambrose Bierce, The Secret of Macarger's Gulch

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  • Calaveras County, North Westwardly from Indian Hill, about nine miles as the crow flies, is Macarger's Gulch. - The modern Indian Hills is in Calaveras County.
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Y/M/D Association Description Place Locale Food Event
1891/00/00 Ambrose Bierce Author "The Secret of Macarger's Gulch" by Ambrose Bierce is published.

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Particulars for The Secret of Macarger's Gulch (short story):
Definition Aperture an opening, hole or gap.
Building Type Cabin
Narrative Arts Fiction prose literature, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people
Physiographic feature Forest
Supernatural Ghost an apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image
Art Type Short Story short form narrative fiction
Narrative Arts Speculative Fiction a genre of fiction that encompasses works in which the setting is other than the real world, involving supernatural, futuristic, or other imagined elements
Paranormal Supernatural manifestation or event attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature

Original Language: English

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