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A Question of Diplomacy (short story)

  • Type: Short Story
  • Length: 20 pages

A Question of Diplomacy is a 1892 short story by Scottish writer and doctor, Arthur Conan Doyle. - AsNotedIn

The Foreign Minister was down with the gout. For a week he had been confined to the house, and he had missed two Cabinet Councils at a time when the pressure upon his department was severe. It is true that he had an excellent undersecretary and an admirable staff, but the Minister was a man of such ripe experience and of such proven sagacity that things halted in his absence. When his firm hand was at the wheel the great ship of State rode easily and smoothly upon her way; when it was removed she yawed and staggered until twelve British editors rose up in their omniscience and traced out twelve several courses, each of which was the sole and only path to safety. Then it was that the Opposition said vain things, and that the harassed Prime Minister prayed for his absent colleague.Arthur Conan Doyle, A Question of Diplomacy

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  • Cavendish Square, London, London The Foreign Minister sat in his dressing-room in the great house in Cavendish Square. It was May, and the square garden shot up like a veil of green in front of his window, but, in spite of the sunshine, ....
  • Tangier, Morocco Sir Algernon Jones has resigned at Tangier. There is a vacancy there.


Y/M/D Association Description Place Locale Food Event
1892/05/00 Arthur Conan Doyle Author Illustrated with 7 drawings by Frederick Barnard, "A Question of Diplomacy" by Arthur Doyle is published in The Illustrated London News during the summer of 1892.
1892/05/00 The Illustrated London News Publisher Illustrated with 7 drawings by Frederick Barnard, "A Question of Diplomacy" by Arthur Doyle is published in The Illustrated London News during the summer of 1892.
1893/06/03 Adapted by Doyle from A Question of Diplomacy, a one act play "Foreign Policy" opens at Terry's Theatre, London (lost). Closing on June 9th, the bill included one-act plays by Lady Colin Campbell, W K Clifford and W H Pollock, Thomas Hardy and J M Barrie.

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Particulars for A Question of Diplomacy (short story):
Communication Admonitory giving or conveying a warning or reprimand
Biology Bosom a woman's chest
Vehicle Brougham a horse-drawn carriage with a roof, four wheels, and an open driver's seat in front.
Botany Colchicum genus of perennial flowering plants that includes the autumn crocuses. the dried corm or seed of meadow saffron, which has analgesic properties and is used medicinally, especially as a tincture.
Clothing Cravat a short, wide strip of fabric worn by men around the neck and tucked inside an open-necked shirt.
Politics Downing Street 10 Downing Street is the official residence and the office of the British Prime Minister
Sociology Fallacy a mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound argument
Narrative Arts Fiction prose literature, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people
Biology Flaxen like flax in color, pale-yellow, straw-colored
Health Gout A type of arthritis that causes inflammation of joints due to excess uric acid.
Sociology Hole-and-corner attempting to avoid public notice, secret.
Other Description Liniment a liquid or lotion, especially one made with oil, for rubbing on the body to relieve pain.
Element Lithium the chemical element of atomic number 3, a soft silver-white metal. It is the lightest of the alkali metals.
Sociology Mesalliance marriage with a person of inferior social position
Narrative Arts Narrative an account of connected events
Clothing Passementerie an ornamental edging or trimming (such as tassels) made of braid, cord, gimp, beading, or metallic thread
Occupation Physician a person qualified to practice medicine
Vision aid Pince-nez style of eye glasses that are supported by pinching the bridge of the nose without earpieces
Decorative Arts Portiere a curtain hung over a door or doorway
Narrative Arts Prose ordinary written language
Psychology Sagacity the quality of having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgment, shrewd
Decorative Arts Settee a long upholstered seat for more than one person, typically with a back and arms
Art Type Short Story short form narrative fiction
Sociology Trousseau the clothes, household linen, and other belongings collected by a bride for her marriage.
Physics Yaw (of a moving ship or aircraft) twist or oscillate about a vertical axis

Original Language: English

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