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The Fall of Lord Barrymore (short story)

  • Type: Short Story
  • Length: 17 pages

The Fall of Lord Barrymore is a 1912 short story by Scottish author Arthur Conan Doyle. - AsNotedIn

There are few social historians of those days who have not told of the long and fierce struggle between those two famous bucks, Sir Charles Tregellis and Lord Barrymore, for the Lordship of the Kingdom of St James, a struggle which divided the whole of fashionable London into two opposing camps. It has been chronicled also how the peer retired suddenly and the commoner resumed his great career without a rival. Only here' however, one can read the real and remarkable reason for this sudden eclipse of a star.
Arthur Conan Doyle, The Fall of Lord Barrymore

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  • Saint James's, London, Below, the decorous hum of Jermyn Street had been broken by the sharp, staccato, metallic beating of a door-knocker.
  • Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London Because I am told that he controls Drury Lane Theatre, and I have a fancy to be an actor.


Y/M/D Association Description Place Locale Food Event
1912/12/00 Henry M Brock Illustrator H M Brock, RI, contributes five illustrations for "The Fall of Lord Barrymore" by Arthur C Doyle.
1912/12/00 Arthur Conan Doyle Author "The Fall of Lord Barrymore" by Arthur Conan Doyle is published in The Strand Magazine.
1912/12/00 The Strand Magazine Publisher "The Fall of Lord Barrymore" by Arthur Conan Doyle is published in The Strand Magazine.

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Particulars for The Fall of Lord Barrymore (short story):
Sociology Bohemian a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts
Narrative Arts Fiction prose literature, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people
Narrative Arts Narrative an account of connected events
Vehicle Phaeton (carriage) sporty open carriage with a light body atop four large wheels
Narrative Arts Prose ordinary written language
Art Type Short Story short form narrative fiction
Social Supper an late meal, typically a light or informal one
Personal Care Toilet to dress and groom

Original Language: English

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