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Mr Arcularis (short story)

  • Type: Short Story
  • Length: 50 pages

Mr Arcularis is a 1931 short story by American author Conrad Aiken. - AsNotedIn

Mr Arcularis stood at the window of his room in the hospital and looked down at the street. There had been a light shower, which had patterned the sidewalks with larger drops, but now again the sun was out, blue sky was showing here and there between the swift white clouds, a cold wind was blowing the popular trees.
Conrad Aiken, Mr Arcularis

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Y/M/D Association Description Place Locale Food Event
1931/03/00 Conrad Aiken Author "Mr Arcularis" by Conrad Aiken is published in the March 1931 issue of Harper's Magazine.
1931/03/00 Harper's Magazine Publisher "Mr Arcularis" by Conrad Aiken is published in the March 1931 issue of Harper's Magazine.

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Particulars for Mr Arcularis (short story):
Science Astronomy branch of science which deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole
Astronomy Betelgeuse second-brightest in the constellation of Orion, pronounced "beetlejuice"
Human Attribute Dream a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep
Narrative Arts Fiction prose literature, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people
Narrative Arts Narrative an account of connected events
Boat Type Ocean Liner a large luxurious passenger ship of a type formerly used in regular service
Star Polaris, North Star, Pole Star a star of the second magnitude situated close to the north pole of the heavens, in the constellation of Ursa Minor
Narrative Arts Prose ordinary written language
Activity Recuperation Vacation traveling to promote recovery from illness, injury or exertion
Art Type Short Story short form narrative fiction
Activity Somnambulism, Sleepwalk walk around and sometimes perform other actions while asleep
fabric Travel Rug British term for a thick usually patterned blanket for keeping one warm when travelling, use to cover shoulders or knees to keep them warm

Original Language: English

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