Mary Chesnut's Civil War (book)

  • Type: Diary

Mary Chesnut's Civil War is a Pulitzer Prize winning history trade book by diarist Mary Boykin Chesnut and historian C Vann Woodward chronicling Mary Chesnut's experiences during the American Civil War. The text contains A DIARY FROM DIXIE as written by Mary Boykin Chesnut with annotations by C Vann Woodward. - AsNotedIn

I have always kept a journal after a fashion of my own, with dates and a line of poetry or prose, mere quotations, which I understood and no one else, and I have kept letters and extracts from the papers. From to-day forward I will tell the story in my own way. I now wish I had a chronicle of the two delightful and eventful years that have just passed. Those delights have fled and one's breath is taken away to think what events have since crowded in. Like the woman's record in her journal, we have had "earthquakes, as usual" - daily shocks.
Mary Boykin Chesnut, A DIARY FROM DIXIE

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  • Camden, SC, South Carolina Home again at Mulberry. In those last days of my stay in Charleston I did not find time to write a word.
  • Charleston, SC, South Carolina From my window I can hear a grand and mighty flow of eloquence. Bartow and a delegation from Savannah are having a supper given to them in the dining-room below.
  • Chester, SC, South Carolina Mrs Da Vega is young, handsome, and agreeable, a kind and perfect hostess, and as to the house, my room is all that I could ask and leaves nothing to be desired, so very fresh, clean, warm, and comfortable is it.
  • Columbia, SC, South Carolina Had an appetite for my dainty breakfast. Always breakfast in bed now. But then, my Mercury contained such bad news. That is an appetizing style of matutinal newspaper.
  • Elm Bluff, AL, Alabama At Portland, we met a man who said: "Is it not strange that in this poor, devoted land of ours, there are some men who are making money by blockade-running, cheating our embarrassed government, and skulking the fight?"
  • Fauquier Springs Country Club, Warrenton, VA This water is making us young again. How these men enjoy the baths. They say Beauregard can stop the way with sixty thousand that many are coming.
  • Flat Rock, NC, North Carolina Being ill I left Mrs McMahan's for Flat Rock. It was very hot and disagreeable for an invalid in a boarding-house in that climate. The La Bordes and the McCord girls came part of the way with me.
  • Lincolnton, NC, North Carolina A change has come o'er the spirit of my dream. Dear old quire of yellow, coarse, Confederate home-made paper, here you are again. An age of anxiety and suffering has passed over my head since last I wrote and wept over your forlorn pages.
  • Montgomery, AL, Alabama My brother Stephen brought the officers of the "Montgomery Blues" to dinner. "Very soiled Blues," they said, apologizing for their rough condition. Poor fellows! they had been a month before Fort Pickens and not allowed to attack it.
  • Richmond, Virginia Soldiers everywhere. They seem to be in the air, and certainly to fill all space. Keitt quoted a funny Georgia man who says we try our soldiers to see if they are hot enough before we enlist them. If, when water is thrown on them they do not sizz, they wo
  • Warrenton, VA, Virginia Saw across the lawn, but did not speak to them, some of Judge Campbell's family. There they wander disconsolate, just outside the gates of their Paradise: a resigned Judge of the Supreme Court of the United States resigned, and for a cause ....


Y/M/D Association Description Place Locale Food Event
1860/11/08 Mary Boykin Chesnut Life At Fernandina I saw young men running up a Palmetto flag, and shouting a little prematurely, "South Carolina has seceded!" I was overjoyed to find Florida so sympathetic.... - MBC Fernandina Beach Historic District Fernandina Beach, FL
1860/11/08 Mary Boykin Chesnut Life On the train, just before we reached Fernandina, a woman called out: "That settles the hash." Tanny touched me on the shoulder and said: "Lincoln's elected." "How do you know?" "The man over there has a telegram." - MBC Fernandina Beach, FL Florida Election of President Abraham Lincoln
1861/05/13 Mary Boykin Chesnut Family We have been down from Montgomery on the boat to that God-forsaken landing, Portland, Ala. Found everybody drunk - that is, the three men who were there. - MBC, Portland Public Use Area is on Cnty Rd 225, north of Hwy 41. Elm Bluff, AL Alabama
1861/07/06 Mary Boykin Chesnut Guest Mr Brewster came here with us. The cars were jammed with soldiers to the muzzle. They were very polite and considerate, and we had an agreeable journey, in spite of heat, dust and crowd. Rev Robert Barnwell was with us. - MBC Fauquier Springs Country Club Warrenton, VA
1861/07/06 Mary Boykin Chesnut Life Mr Brewster came here with us. The cars were jammed with soldiers to the muzzle. They were very polite and considerate, and we had an agreeable journey, in spite of heat, dust, and crowd. Rev Robert Barnwell was with us. - MBC Warrenton, VA Virginia
1864/07/25 Mary Boykin Chesnut Home Now we are in a cottage rented from Doctor Chisolm.... We moved into this house on the 20th of July. My husband was telegraphed to go to Charleston. General Jones sent for him. A part of his command is on the coast. - MBC Chesnut Cottage Columbia, SC
1864/07/26 General James Chesnut Jr Home My husband had arrived. He was seated at a pine table, on which someone had put a coarse, red table-cover, and by the light of one tallow candle was affably entertaining Edward Barnwell, Isaac Hayne, and Uncle Hamilton. He had given them no tea, - MBC Chesnut Cottage Columbia, SC Sweet Tea
1864/10/05 I had been gathering what I could of eatables for a month, and now I found that nearly everybody in Columbia was sending me whatever they had that they thought nice enough for the Presidents dinner. We had the 66 old Madeira from Mulberry, - MBC Chesnut Cottage Columbia, SC Madeira Wine
1864/10/05 Mrs Preston sent a boned turkey stuffed with truffles, stuffed tomatoes, and stuffed peppers. Each made a dish as pretty as it was appetizing. - MBC Chesnut Cottage Columbia, SC Truffle
1864/10/05 George Washington Custis Lee Guest The President (Davis) was watching me prepare a mint julep for Custis Lee when Colonel McLean came to inform us that a great crowd had gathered and that they were 'coming to ask the President to speak to them at one o,clock. - MBC Chesnut Cottage Columbia, SC Mint Julep
1864/10/05 Jefferson Davis Visitor While visiting the Chesnuts, Confederate President Jefferson Davis gives a speech from the front porch to "an immense crowd it was - men, women, and children. The crowd overflowed the house, the President's hand was nearly shaken off." - MBC Chesnut Cottage Columbia, SC
1865/02/00 Mary Boykin Chesnut Life On the train from Charlotte a soldier offers MBC hard tack biscuits and, with an ingratiating smile explains, "Please take these two, swap with me, give me something softer that I can eat, I am very weak still". Hardtack
1865/02/25 Mary Boykin Chesnut Visitor The Pfeifers, who live opposite us here, are descendants of those Pfeifers who came South with Mr Chesnut's ancestors after the Fort Duquesne disaster. They have now, therefore, been driven out of their Eden, the valley of Virginia, a second time. - MBC Lincolnton, NC North Carolina
1865/03/21 Mary Boykin Chesnut Guest My husband was at the Chester station with a carriage. We drove at once to Mrs Da Vega's. Chester, SC South Carolina
1865/04/22 Mary Boykin Chesnut Life Col Cadwallader Jones came with a despatch, a sealed secret despatch. It was for General Chesnut. I opened it. Lincoln, old Abe Lincoln, has been killed, murdered, and Seward wounded! Why? By whom? It is simply maddening, all this. Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
1905/03/00 D Appleton and Company Publisher A DIARY FROM DIXIE, as written by MARY BOYKIN CHESNUT, wife of James Chesnut Jr, US Senator from South Carolina, Edited by Isabella D Martin and Myrta Lockett Avary, is published by NEW YORK D APPLETON AND COMPANY 1906
1905/03/00 Mary Boykin Chesnut Author A DIARY FROM DIXIE, as written by MARY BOYKIN CHESNUT, wife of James Chesnut Jr, US Senator from South Carolina, Edited by Isabella D Martin and Myrta Lockett Avary, is published by NEW YORK D APPLETON AND COMPANY 1906
1981/00/00 Mary Boykin Chesnut Author "Mary Chesnut's Civil War" by Mary Boykin Chesnut is published by Yale University Press.
1982/04/00 Mary Boykin Chesnut Author Mary Boykin Chesnut is awarded a Pulitzer Prize for "Mary Chesnut's Civil War".

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Particulars for Mary Chesnut's Civil War (book):
Military Event American Civil War
Art Type Book a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers.
written type Diary
Narrative Arts Factual concerned with what is actually true rather than interpretations of or reactions to it
Writing Type History Book History book published by a commercial publisher and intended for general readership
Vehicle Omnibus horse drawn vehicle design to seat 12 passengers, originated in Paris and was brought to England by the coachbuilder George Shillibeer in 1829
Award Pulitzer Prize
Motif War
Facet of War War - Home Front

Original Language: English

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